“Based On A True” story is an installation about film memories and the viewers personal encounter with them, their recollections and their residue. A place where they cease to be part of their original context and become stitched into the viewers reality. Using found photocopied film stills (some recognisable and popular, Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’, and some deliberately esoteric, Kumel's Monsieur Hawarden) and found wood and metal creates an immediate energy. The repetition traces a fragile imagined space around the audience, involving them in a maniacal re-imagining. Becoming a 3D environment, yet staying flat and stark, a backdrop to imagined activity. The viewer and characters become intertwined in a new film, forging new relationships. Drawing on the nostalgia and camp of the 60’s and 70’s melodramatic film traditions, the piece conjures up a time and space physically, that never actually existed. An amalgam of recognisable, generic images and personal histories that occupies a borderline between fiction and reality. It questions how and why we store clips, memories and emotions, and where, within or without us they reside.