CV & Artists Statement



June 2012       “Tainted Love” Group Show, Meter Room, Coventry

May 2012        “Diamond Geezers” Group Show, WW Gallery, London                        

May 2012       “Tainted Love” Group Show, Transition Gallery, London

March 2012    “Idle Worship” Group Show, Centre For Recent Drawing, London

Feb 2012        “Villa I” Group Show, George & Dragon, Greenwich, London

Jan  2012        “Anschlussel London/Berlin” Group Show, Centre For Recent Drawing, London

Dec 2011        “London Underground Film Festival” Group Show, Horse Hospital, London

Nov 2011        “Gfest” Group Show, Dreamspace Gallery, London

Oct 2011         “Brave Exhibitions” Group Show, Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, London

Sep 2011         “Everything- Jack Smith” Group Show, ICA, London

Sep 2011          “Anschlussel Berlin/London” Group Show, Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin

Sep 2011          “6 Degrees” Group show, The Monks Gallery, Lincoln

Sep 2011          “Pink Orb” Group Show, Walthamstow  Open, London

Aug 2011          “Now We Do Shellac” Group Show, Sassoon Gallery, London

Aug 2011         “The Chosen” Group Show, Red Gallery, London

Aug 2011         “The Bad Art Salon” Group Show, Royal Festival Hall, London

July 2011           “The Men of 73 & Friends” Solo Show, Centre For Recent Drawing, London

July 2011          “Everything” Group Show, ICA, London

July 2011          “Utopia Arts” Group show, Parlour Gallery, London                                  

July 2011           “Cartoon”, Group Show, Silver Cloud Gallery, London                               

June 2011         “Rooms” Solo Show, Corpus Christi Library, Cambridge 

May 2011         “Social Cinema” Group Show, The Residence Gallery, London                      

April 2011        “Everything” Group Show, ICA, London

Feb 2011           “Future Echo” Group Show, Vienna

Feb 2011          “TVOD” Group Show, Transition Gallery, London

Dec 2010         “London Underground Film Festival” Artist in Residence, The Horse Hospital, London

Dec 2010        “Silent Night” Group Show, Centre For Recent Drawing, London

Nov 2010         “Art Blitz” Group Show, Transition Gallery, London

Nov 2010         “You Are A Star”, Group Show, IDA Nowhere, Berlin

Nov 2010        “ 23rd New York Queer Experimental Film Festival” Group Show, New York

Oct 2010          “Rhizomatic” Group Show, Departure Gallery, London 

Oct 2010         “Elefest Closing Exhibition” Group Show, Corsica Studios, London

Aug 2010        “Art Hunt”. Group Show, Latitude Festival, Suffolk

Aug 2010        “Company Property” Group Show, Sassoon Gallery, London

June 2010        “T.A.S.T.E.” Group Show, George Tavern, London

May 2010        “Blank Space (Y)our Space” Group Show, Together Gallery, London

April 2010       “HAND JOY” Group Show, Centre for Recent Drawing

April 2010       “Rella Closing Event”, Beaconsfield, London

April 2010      “Video is the only constant”, Group Show, Corsica Studios, London

March 2010     “STS Studio Show” Group Show, Mayfair Carpet Factory, London

March 1010     “Brave Exhibitions” Installation for club, George Tavern, London

March 2010    “Danger” Group Show, The Rag Factory, London

Jan 2009            “Stay Lucky!” Group Show, Centre for Recent Drawing, London

Dec 2009        “Show and Tell” Group Show, Marlborough Exhibition Space, London

Nov 2009            “Fordayslong” Group Show, Centre for Recent Drawing, London

Oct 2009        “Sehnsucht” as part of JTG PROJECT 2009 Group Show, James Taylor Gallery, London

Sep 2009            “She wanted his soul, but he could only give her his blood” Solo Show, Transition Gallery, London

Aug 2009            “Don't Call Us, We'll Call You” Group Show, Islington Arts Factory, London                          

Aug 2009            “ART EAST” Group Show, OUTHOUSE Gallery, Norwich

June 2009            Fine Art BA Degree show” Group Show,Chelsea College of Art & Design, London

March 2009          Group show, Edenbrook, London

Feb 2009            “Do Something? Why the Hell Would I Do Anything” group show, Deleadus Gallery, London

Feb 2009            “Moistworks” group show, Hold & Freight Gallery, London

Aug 2008            “C4RD Laboratory presents ‘Unextinguished’” group show, Centre for Recent Drawing, London

April 2008         “Triangle Red Herring” Group Show, Turret Space, Chelsea College of Art , London



My work is situated in the spaces created between viewer and film. Exploring and blurring the boundaries between fantasy and reality, the personal and the public, suggesting a fluid involvement with mythologized film experience. Playing with an individual, amateur interaction with constructed glamour, celebrity, icon and stereotype and creating an uneasy reversing of the fan/artist positions, so it is no longer clear or important where lines are drawn. A liminal place of borderline existence, anchored in a shared pop culture reality. I utilise everyday cultural encounters as a storehouse of props with which to populate a reality that is striving to make sense of the everyday. Clues that are trying to decipher themselves and emotions that are searching for a formula.

I create rooms, installations, sets, and constellations of found objects and images, arranged and filtered through convoluted and esoteric amalgams of histories and personal experiences. Places that confuse the roles of voyeur, madman, co-conspirator and obsessive fan, familiar yet uneasy backdrops into which the viewer is implicated. A moment, removed from its narrative, carefully set up and captured, like a publicity still, with the responsibility of encompassing an entire character and storyline. I assimilate freely from pop culture, everyday imagery and my own past, destroying and meshing hierarchies and the personal.

                 The performance element is, if not acted out, always suggested in my pieces, they are props, which could be left over, or yet to be used in some ritual. Objects placed in relation to one another, suggesting an intertwined movement or dialogue. They are pieces that long for something or someone, desiring a completion. Offering but never fulfilling a suggested narrative, one that can only be completed when the work re-enters a shared culture imagination. The interaction with the prop leaving behind a lingering residue. The hand and its marks are ever present, suggesting an interactivity and impermanence.

                Drawing on camp, nostalgia and the extremities of exploitation movies of the 60’s and 70’s, my starting references explore the exaggerated filmic concepts and emotions of tragedy, eroticism, melodrama, violence and the tacky. A space constantly encountered but impossible to occupy. Through obsessive re-making and re-creating, using photocopies and immediate environments of available objects I aim to present clues, props and objects with which to interact. Enabling a slowing and breaking down of film time and the screen and an ownership of a romanticised glamour that we associate with film and its stars. With confused narratives and façades, I play with cultural fictions and present a melancholic hankering for the never real.




January 2010- Present Curatorial Intern, Centre for Recent Drawing

Responsible for organizing artists, hanging exhibition and related events. Dealing with publicity and online presence, curating 5 shows.

July 2007- Present Gallery Intern, Centre for Recent Drawing
Responsible for liaising with artists, hanging shows, organizing one-off events, fundraising and publicity

October 2010- Present Assistant to Spartacus Chetwynd, Frieze/Hayward/Kunsthalle Charlottenborg/Sadie Coles/Nice/New York Organising and making props, contributing to performance and stage hand


June 2010 – Present Assistant to Curator, Vintage Festival, Boughten House/Goodwood/Royal Festival Hall Also curator of the annual Bad Art Salon in charge of hanging and returning over 100 artworks, with over 60,000 visitors


May 2007- May 2009 Organiser, Chelsea Film Club
Founder in charge of managing, curating and publicising this weekly film event

September 2008 Photoshoot assistant, Sarah Dobai
Set design, build, lighting and styling for the artist and film-maker Sarah Dobai

August 2008 Gallery Technician, Pump House Gallery
Installing an exhibition of paintings and complex installations by artist Aischa Kahid

November 2007 Gallery Technician, Cambridge Buddhist Centre
Managing event and people; assisting in the creation of artist Shane Waltner's installation

May-August 2006 Archivist, The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop
Organising and cataloguing workshop archives



July 2009         The Transition Gallery Prize 2009


Garageland magazine and online, Art Licks, Section Five, Z4RD, Holly White, Schnitt, Dazed and Confused