‘I Love You’ is a new piece of work that deals with the crossover between a physical space (the object/reality) and a mental space, how our minds generate and change the past dependent on our interactions with pop culture. Hugely influenced by film and TV, ‘I Love You’ blurs Kindersley’s own biography with camp film (Black Narcissus), romanticised teenage memories and true crime, (the kidnap and media portrayal of Jaycee Lee Dugard). The outcome occupies a new place of uneasy confusion, where there is no longer a hierarchy in source material.  The bed as a symbol of sexuality and both traumatic and comforting memories, isolated in the gallery, becomes the place of action, past, present and future. While its red PVC sheet conjures up kinky thoughts at odds with the simple idealistic film loop, displaying a simple yearning for human interaction becomes merely a headboard or backdrop to the ‘action’. The piece becomes the manifestation of a misremembered instant, a starting point for the viewer’s imagination.