Casting of glitter circle and reading from Fiona Richmonds fictional biography:

I saw Udo Kier wearing a T-shirt like this in a film once, I think, so i made my own, trying to channel his brooding 70'sness.  Joan Fontaine cast a circle like this when she was a witch in that Hammer film, I think, probably out of blood though. I chose glitter because Paul Raymond said "give them glitter and they'll be happy", or something like that. Paul Raymond was Fiona Richmonds boyfriend and she's my favourite, she was in that film with Udo Kier, I think, but it wasn't a Hammer. If I sit in the middle, I can hopefully, fingers crossed, evoke them all, by reading from Fiona Richmonds biography. Well, her fake biography, based on a film she made, based loosly on her life. A book of a film of a fake life. What's going to happen?