Thought For The Day

The Sofa where I sit                                                                                        CRAZY BUT FUN
Haggia Sofia, James Bond

I never write @bout my friends ‘cos I have none!!!!!!!!

Lardons+2 oeufs = Finally
Froglegs Marmite    La & Ça du Berlin *                                                                                 quoi
Diamond                                                   Forever Hoover                                                     quail
L’oeuf qui danse                                                                                                                    
                                                   I Spi
I have not met such an arrogant man in all life.                            I spij
                                                   I spy
                                      IJ = ij = ij = ij = ij = ijs = ijs = ijscream
When the world collapses there is always ballet  eisscream

Without it there’s no U.S.A.
Ca    liforn-I-ay
Technical                               chaqwikana
chaqwikana                                          CHAKWIKANA Sp.

No Tree  Notre  Notrea[lly]  ?lly
A1+B2=C3                DEAF = 43?      (sp?)
A1+B2+C3+D6=E12                             though apples
A1+B2+C3+D6+E12=(24)F                 green are bad for me

lightning strikes a tree
                            Look - no hands!!

    while I sit & write a sudden sense of mistrust for my surroundings blah blah, blah, the baby monitor coughs - I don’t even know which room it’s in, the baby that is, the monitor is right beside
                You’ll never be Satisfied
                                        Sind Sie Allein on Berlin?
San Francisco- Women against rape
    She delved into her cleavage & pulled out some loose change “I think we have enough for a beer” she said

A minister, a big shot in the state
Why//do? (birds suddenly appear?!)
           NO - myohmyohmyohmyohmyoh
Any Moment Now
    The perfume in a rose
Money is the only thing that turns me on
I’m gonna learn to be a hermit &     live in a hermits cave
Something kinky, something rare
Where you go depends on what you wanna score
I get a little peck & you’re off to bed
How did I get here - so near to heavens door?
hold my hand, suddenly the world
         became wonderland
          NO, NO                    LiveLiveLiveLive

I do
       I’m married
       & who are you?
                 A Jane Fonda Mask fit for a nun
A nun
re-group/re-coup                                              people with masks
cloth                     legge                                   cloth                                          table
filmit                                                                          talk to screen - discourse with
Not one in                                                   characters
          sig    ht
T.V. screens for characters
maybe just one (or more?) real people
Narrator? (all T.V. Screens?)
still image? - thoughts flash up?
supper - costs - ?
price includes book
I Love ME, I can do NO wrong
Lobster - Source of inspiration
Crumbs in da bed
- There are
Lights of home, shining
    brightly o’ere the phone!
Spring will be a little late this year
Humming bird, mocking bird, listen to me, I’ve got
no nest, I’ve got no tree.
Always                        SWEET
I was a model with Peter
McGrath, there I was
standing with people around
Anchorage, Alaska
    Almost @ the end of the book
         C’est vrai - THE END
Jane Jane Jane Jane                            Fini
                ol’                 Fin
Grey Jane Grey                                    Ende
                Øl            End
Why am I
Xanadu - I’m alive, and the world seems so new to me.
                                                  Why do we do what we do?
Mememe                                                                                   REE>--->--->---E->--
me, me, me                                         Xanaduuuuuuuuuu
    you’ve got to S.M.I.L.E. to be
I swear it        H.A. double P.Y.
      moved                                   my oh my, do you
                                               wanna say goodbye,
l    ight=hearted                                           to half a kingdom
evil, evil, evil, evil, evil                                Baby tell me why.

REX - Cimera                                         Cocainebill
me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me     & his bride
    the underlying history of it
    is this, you see
E-mail to a friend:

>Did you see Jane last night, Didn’t she look haggard, all those vids not doin’ much now eh?!? I felt so good being photographed next to her, who’s the skinny bitch now eh?
See ya

    Yeah. Was fun. Must go out 2gether soon,
    See ya

Why does this friendship continue? just as I was about to answer the door creeked open and in stepped the baby Priya. I thought she was safely asleep, “sleeping for the British Olympic team” but oh no, she stood above me with knife, the Ikea lamps sparkling off its blade. I knew I was doomed, this was no ordinary baby.
                            -Le Bebe
Oh my! gasped Jane
before she fainted
only to wake up
with no lips, much
like their red
indian predecesors, babys take a souvenir
not however the scalp.   Å....
They stepped into the Lebanese restaurant and ordered their food at the counter, then sat down, helping themselves to tea on the way to the table. It had been a curious evening, they all seemed to be talking crossed purposes, yet the subject matter had never changed. It was, as it had been for the last few years, Jane. They met ritualistically every thursday evening at The Babel - ‘for fine lebanese cuisine’. Watched over by the painting of a dark cloaked arab embracing a fragile naked deathly-pale woman. They sat, ate and discussed, most of them had been doing this since ‘77 and Jane had been their subject since then, every thursday the same. The latest news, photos, private reports etc., anything they could get their hands on before the next thursday meeting. They always tried to out do eachother, get hold of an exciting, exclusive or top secret story, but they usually all arri    ved with the same cuttings and jottings as eachother i their notebooks.
            Can you sing a rainbow?
            Can one sing a rainbow?
                               Well! I certainly can’t
Oh really?
Oh really                                really
Mary has no identity!                                                                            BUT AT WHAT PRICE!!
    And did those feet in ancient times
walk upon Englands mountains green.
& was the Holy Lamb of God . . . . well we all know Le Rest, (as they say).
And the answer, well you’ll have to read the rest of my novel
where all the wonders and questions of the world are answered.
        Bring me my chariot of fire- Now Bitch
Stitch&Bitch     Mary= “don’t wanna be a   - don’t wanna be a
                   teenage mum”     real dum dum
The peroxide blonde from a high rise block
She lost her innocence so young - immaculately
“Rollerblading Queens- my one fear, a phobia you might say. I know it’s irrational, but I’ve had it since I was a young girl. I blame it for my weight proble    ms actually, and my general anxious nature. It all comes back to that one fear. Just think, the power of fear, I might be thin & confident if it hadn’t gripped me like that, and at such a young and impressionable age. It’s sad really, but now I’m learning to make the most of my 325lb’s - it’s all woman, and I’m enjoying lots of thrilling indoor pursuits now, like crocheting and knitting, I made a huge scarf the other day”
        from the diary of Kirstie Alley
“You never can tell can you, I mean she looked like a     woman, but now I think about it, the posture was all wrong, but it makes one think, if a girl slouches nowadays, it’s no longer a matter of a book on the head!”
                  from the diary of Elizabeth Taylor
                                 Summer 1977
Another weight problem perhaps?!!
It’s sad when your life is taken from you so cruelly and irretrievably lost. My speciality - You are alive -
I was born in Michegan & I wish & wish again that I was back in the town where I was born

fish again, wish again, it’s a pleasure                                         Ditty
& we all are the best of friends                                         to your city

Most of the time, all kinds of things

Dot - it’s not code - Dot - Dot - no dash

Can I stay out late in the park, well I would let you, you know dear, but it’s that rapist, I don’t want you to be out all alone with him/her running about like that. Don’t be silly dear, of course you don’t WANT to be raped - now go to your room and do your work like a good child.
mother doesn’t understand- she’s from a different generation! there’s a GAP, you see, in our understanding. You’re liking it too.

You just walked in I made you smile
    “I think I’m an oral person- I’m always putting things in my mouth”
                                           excerpt Sam Fox Diary
                                                          Winter ‘77
‘77 ‘twas the year thatwas
    get outta my face
I need somebody with a human touch- feel me
I want to be felt, feel your hands feeling me                             oh baby
Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Grace Jones, Slave to the Rhythm                                   uh baby
“now Mario you try and tell me that ‘Pull up to the bumper’ is NOT about anal sex”
Mario: “Ask Sam”    Never ask a fat Italian where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods??
        I’m coming, J’arrive
        Ich Komme (sp.)
In my wildest fantasy- rising with the heat- like a fire in my blood- larger than life-
“What will I get” said Jane, turning from one chest and nuzzling into another.
    “I write soft porn”-
    “really, I thought you were gonna rape me”-
    “do you want me to?”-
    “Well you’ve spoilt the mood now”-
    “I can’t believe you’re just a lousy author”-
    “I have ideas, fantasies”-
    “So did I”
We will do just fine- Roses are Red
“honey is sweet, though not as sweet as you”
Well, well, I once believed all fella’s were nice!
10:37- 1hr 23mins till the witching hour
Venus&Mars&Me        Peaked too early
Ha! Ha I haven”t peaked to early like you- ha! ha!        Snap/Snap

All I have learned comes from you- all I know about luxury goods, credit cards & sponging- I am yo    ur pupil, sensei
                 We bow to you Kaori, Queen of Louis Vuitton, Princess of Hermes

Hey Bette- Like, those jeans with applique on them! they make you look like a whore!
I hear you laughing in another room
Ha Ha Ha                               2 dozen longstemmed
LOVE                                                  red roses, on the plump side LOVELO                                                                                      Is that Big Bad Wolf still on the
VELOV                                            loose?
ELOV        volvo                                       A Borberline Case- ABC
ELOV                                         Born free- as free as the wind
ELO                                         blows, as free as the grass grows.
V                          OK OK OK OK Super                                                    I hate Asia minor
in Dallas tex, they talk of sex, but only think of oil
                            Passion for Publicity
This years girl No.1
O.K. No.1 No.3 Hole in the ground
Touch me.....touch me....how can it be, believe me- the sun always shines on T.V.
                                      all my powers waste away
No.1 Touch me                DROP
Happy/Sa    d- feeling good/feeling bad!!
hello/hello/hello/bye                                      TO ME
good/good/good/bye                              you can’t stay innocent-stunted growth

u-bahn stops- been saving it for you
            SAYING    all of these
            GASING    have _______
            GAZING    in common!
Feels so good inside- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14.15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30- END                                                       Just some basic facts
Hello fade to grey Space ship                                Ahh, uuh, english summer
on&on&on&on&on anon &on&on, anon...
Mais non, mais oui, mais pourquoi???
Realise par Paul Kindersley
AUGH little princess in a
     terrible mess
it’s obvious
WHY??????????????? ROYAL HEART
Scarecrow Wowou Wohuuuooohuu
Only the sexy people,
All you fly mothers. dance I said, dance-
DOWN-UP Back it up twice
Waiting to get down-                                                        Zed double-u une nut
6o’clock one                                    A leg appeared f    rom
beneath the sheets,
Hark the hereld angels sing
Donc ‘e’
Donc ‘b’
Don’t be
Never will you be mine!
Feet were always her speciality, joint
not much longer now dear, don’t worry
A shopping list
Veg. Auslander gaijin
Jesus puts victory in my life- I heard it through the grapevine- water into wine
I’m alive but J’need a purpose
Take tha characters as a starting point, put them in chairs around an hexagonal table
The table has six sides & six corners. It was a six cornered table. Fact.     It was on a boat, but the water was very calm and the table was perfectly still.
oh the pain
it was unbearable
it is unbearable
it will have
to go or I’ll
have to get
used to it.
Only 2 options
the Hats
Enough of this I say

It’s all quite simple- a matter of mathmatics 3+3=x
1 Paul
2 Hats/ boys for every girl
3 Cardigans
4 Scarves
5 Pairs of glasses 10
6 Birthmarks
7 Pairs of socks 14
8 Pieces of red tape
9 Pairs of trousers 18
10 Holes
Holes+Scarves=Socks                                       JA oder NEIN
Gerne/Lets go
nah,nah un,nah,nah, Legs 11                               Barrel Peg-Legs

Goodnight everyone, maybe he cooks, maybe she sews
Bonne nuit, can’t find it- it won’t come now!
SOZ m8 hello there/I need a job ... now