"Star" (2004) was originally part of a larger installation created over 5 years ago, entering through a half height door, the viewer was forced to bow down to a cramped and dimly lit room filled with the cushions. Since its first manifestation, ‘Star’ has become a representation of my entire practice, a blending of stalker/fan/artist/voyeur, a hankering after a fictional cinematic representation of life and emotions in order to make sense of reality.

            A chance meeting in a Soho bar on a Saturday night led to me having a passport-sized photo of ‘Star’. She had fascinated me, charmed me like a 50’s starlet. I didn’t know if I’d ever see her again, but I was obsessed. Like a magazine snipping or publicity still, the photo was now mine, to pin to my wall, to become the protagonist of MY fantasies. With her classic good looks she could have been anyone, and when I blew her up and duplicated her, she was anyone. People asked me, Is that Yoko Ono?, Is that Sharon Tate?, Is that Geena Davies?, Is that the woman from that film? She became something to everyone.

What we see on the cinema screen has becomes part of us, we no longer can, or want to separate reality from fantasy. The 'Star' becomes an empty vessel for us to project our fantasies into.

Consisting of 31 (production only stopped when time and resources ran out!) hand printed and sewn cushions, heavily influenced by Warhol and his ideas of 15 minutes of fame, ‘Star’ is a mass produced commodity, but through the artists hand each one is slightly unique, different make-up/shape, a pearl tear…etc. An uncomfortable ‘love’ is displayed, mirroring our everyday, one-sided encounters with pop culture. ‘Star’ is a place to sit down and contemplate our own stories, dreams and desires.