Paul Kindersley graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2009, he is an artist, stalker, makeup enthusiast and youtuber based in London.

My work explores and blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality, the personal and the public, suggesting a fluid involvement with mythologized filmic experiences and identity troubles of post internet life. Playing with an individual, amateur and domestic interaction with constructed glamour, celebrity, icon and stereotype and creating an uneasy reversing of the fan/artist positions, so it is no longer clear or important where lines are drawn. I play with a liminal place of borderline existence, anchored in a shared pop culture reality. I utilise everyday cultural encounters as a storehouse of props with which to populate a reality that is striving to make sense of the everyday. Clues that are trying to decipher themselves and emotions that are searching for a formula.

I create rooms, installations, sets, blogs, performances, cultural interactions, drawings, internet personalities, films and constellations of found objects and images, arranged and filtered through convoluted and esoteric amalgams of histories and personal experiences. Places that confuse the roles of voyeur, madman, co-conspirator and obsessive fan, familiar yet uneasy backdrops into which the viewer is implicated. A moment, removed from its narrative, carefully set up and captured, like a publicity still, with the responsibility of encompassing an entire character and storyline. I assimilate freely from TV, everyday imagery and encounters, and my own past, destroying and meshing hierarchies and the personal.

                Drawing on camp, nostalgia, gender roles and the extremities of exploitation movies of the 60’s and 70’s, my starting references explore the exaggerated filmic concepts and emotions of tragedy, eroticism, melodrama, violence and the tacky. A space constantly encountered but impossible to occupy. Through obsessive re-making, re-creating and immediate environments of available objects I aim to present clues, props, videos, drawings, performances and objects with which to interact. Enabling a slowing and breaking down of screen time and an ownership of a romanticised glamour that is all pervasive in 21st century life. With confused narratives and façades, I play with cultural fictions and present a melancholic hankering for the never real.