Jump through the technicolour make-believe forest, all the world's a stage. I want to be a dancer, an actor, a cartoon. Weaving between the props, searching for a way to make my fantasies real. Bright lights, glamour, colour, Hollywood - its all a shoddy façade - I know its sad and disturbing, but its fun!

Witches, Witches, Witches takes its name from the soundtrack of Dario Argento's infamous 1977 film Suspiria, the last European film to be filmed in technicolour. Flashes of lightning ignite a neon forest as girls run to escape from the Dance Academy. Andie MacDowell, re-cast, the Hollywood vessel, like a lost dog, missing star of the show, one expression, token glamour, plastic face. Our shadows and the trees, like spectres, join in the flickering film. The trees move, we move, the film moves - only MacDowell never changes.