From a distance there is a muffled sound, footsteps, a mans voice, a tinny clanging. Three giant heads swing and twist in the air, always just avoiding collision, staring intensly. In order to hear the sound, emitting from a little plastic hi-fi, we must enter and negotiate their space, walk inside, past the eyes, past the lips, who is she? A goddess, a starlet, a mask? Her three selves pinned onto cross frames are protecting a sexualised, slightly androgenous figure within, he seems unaware of the hi-fi shelved on his shoulder, he also stares, intently, through and out of his captivity. Who is he? Is this all from a Hammer film? Inside, the sound is loud, a re-recording of a recording, only one man speaks, no responces, "you killed a man". Trapped, the large faces encirlce, you stare out, like the man, like the faces, where am I?